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Are you stuck on Exporting HD quality instead of 4K with limited features using the Wink retouching tool APK? Download the latest version Wink video enhancer mod Apk for Android and Enjoy all VIP Unlocked Features.

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Wink MOD APK Video Retouching Tool Download 2024 v1.7.6.6 [Premium Features + VIP Unlocked]

Most people have issues with the process of editing their videos, such as watermarks, ads, and restricted premium features. I’m here with the best video editing app, Wink MOD APK, which will solve any problem. The app is completely free, even with its premium features that brighten your day as you edit videos.

Further, the need to use a video editor ensures relevance and competitive ability against the content-dominated market. It helps creators make unique videos with their quality, which would make them look exceptional and help them seize viewers’ attention very quickly and more effectively. This is what makes video editing valuable for personal branding and marketing, or simply entertainment for people.  In this article, we will show you how to use the latest version of the Wink VIP Unlocked Retouching Tool without a VPN.

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App NameWink 
Latest Versionv1.7.6.6
Last Updated1 Day Ago
PublisherMeitu (China) Limited. 
RequirementsAndroid 6.0 or Higher
CategoryVideo Editors
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked, No Ads
Size84 MB
Google Play StorePlaystore

What is Wink APK?

Wink APK is a video editing tool designed for mobile, developed by Meitu (China) Limited. Meitu (China) Limited designed an application for enhanced video for video enthusiasts at any level of skills. Wink makes it easy for one to have basic features like video stabilization, color correction, noise reduction, and sharpening for an individual and even a business setup. For media, entertainment, or marketing users who do not want to bust their heads with a bunch of settings, it makes a perfect solution to refine video content.

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The desired effects include eyeshadow, lipstick, contour, and many more. You can also use this app to convert your different images into videos and then add various effects. Retouching can be done with many applications like Vita, Retouch and Snow; but I consider Wink to be the best quality.

What is Wink MOD APK?

Wink APK is the modified version of the Wink Video Editor app designed to create and edit videos on Android-based mobile gadgets. On the other hand, MOD APKs are modified by third parties and usually contain premium effects, filters, or tools for advanced edition that are locked in the official app but free in the MOD. It may also remove app advertisements to give a more streamlined user experience without interruptions.

Wink APK gives users an opportunity to unlock premium features like no watermarks, ads, and unlimited gems. These options are not available in the standard Wink app and can be enjoyed only by the subscribers. On the other hand, the Wink MOD APK allows the users to enjoy the same features free of charge.

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V || 80MB

What Makes Wink MOD APK Popular?

Wink – Video Enhancer Tool has gained popularity among users for several reasons:

  • Focus on Short, Engaging Videos: The immersive and interactive features will be made available to the users in a much shorter video format than before. It offers editing the shortened clip tools as per the requirement.
  • Easy-to-Use Editing Features: With a very friendly interface that is quite simple and features fundamental editing functions like cutting, cropping, and adjusting speed of video; Wink app is a good choice for video editing. The camera can additionally offer video stabilization directly getting videos right even when they are shaky.
  • Beautification Appeal: Wink differentiates itself by the vividness of its make-up, stylists, and outfits. The software of the application may adjust for various features like skin tone, wrinkles or even change the facial appearance as wanted by the user in the video.
  • Trendy Filters and Effects: The app brandishes a collection of fashionable filters and effects, matching satisfied users who need to put on a creative take on their videos. Consequently, it brings a very strong identity into videos which makes them different.
  • Additional Fun Touches: Besides filters and effects, Wink presents users the possibility of using stickers, emoji, and background music that brings more fun and liveliness to the video so that the viewers can be more attracted.

WINK MOD APK Features: Premium Unlocked

Let’s have a quick look at the most famous features of Wink.

AI Repair Features – Quality Enhancer

With the standard version, the app has an AI repairing feature that allows you to edit and export 10 videos per day. On the other hand, the MOD version of the Wink APK enables you to export videos unlimitedly. 

Wink AI Repair
Wink Auto Beauty

Image Quality – Video Beautification

Super Resolution – 4K at 60 Fps

Wink - Ultra HD Quality
Wink Multiple Features

Night View – Low Light Fixing

AI Color – Eye-Catching Color Grading

Wink Color Enhancne
Photo & Video Editor

Frame Interpolation

Anti-Shake – Enhance Stabilization

Wink AI Expansion
Video Retouch

Editable Watermark Pro Feature

Body Tuner – Change Appearance

3D Photo & GIF Maker
Wink AI Anime

Fine Tune Wink Video Retouching Tool

More Unlocked Pro Features of Wink APK

Makeup Effects

With the “Makeup Effects” feature in the Wink app, you can apply virtual makeup directly onto subjects of your videos. In other words, this tool makes it very quick to enhance one’s look in videos, with several styles of “wearable” makeup offered without actually having to put it on.

Facial features adjustment

The Wink app allows users to adjust facial features, eye size, jawline, and even the shape and size of the nose in videos with the feature “Facial Features Adjustment.” This tool enables making perfect edits to change contours of the face or slightly modify it for an instant tailor-made enhanced appearance. Perfect for everyone who likes to tweak the features to yield a more polished and personalized video output.

3D manual face slimming

The Wink app has a “3D Manual Face Slimming” tool, which essentially allows for slimming and contouring of the face features in a video through a 3D interface. The feature allows for minor adjustments, therefore subtly enhancing the appealing facial aesthetics in your video content.

Skin Details

The wink app improves both texture and clarity, so the skin appears better in the videos. It actually smoothest the flaws out while keeping the natural details of the skin, thus providing perfection in balance. Great for anyone who has the intention to raise the bar of their video quality with a clean and polished skin appearance.


Through the Wink app, you can even take this one step further with the Contour feature, adding digital shadows and highlights to your facial features in your videos to approximate conventional makeup contouring in order to get a more “chiseled” look.

Plump Skin

The Wink App has a “plump skin” capability, obviously to add volume to the skin, which is supposed to make it look younger. The app fills up the skin with moisture in order for it to appear plumper in the video, while looking healthier and more vibrant. Perfect for the user who wants to enhance their video presence, showcasing the freshest and most renovate skin possible.

Auto Beauty

Auto Beauty in the Wink app does all that work for you, in short, making the skin smooth, eyes bright, and features refined for a polished appearance in videos with minimal effort.

Smart Cutout

With the Smart Cutout in Wink Enhancer MOD APK, a background from an image gets removed in a snap. This makes the editing process smooth and, by enabling easy customization, they get better visual content.


Transition is a Wink app feature that enables a smooth video movement from one scene to the other. This feature allows users to have all the transition effects that they need. Some of the effects include fades, wipes, and slides.

Speed Control

Wink’s Speed Control allows you to play videos at different speeds: fast forward to slow motion, even in a range you could set. In this manner, you can create flexible videos with dynamic storytelling and surely, you won’t miss those valuable moments.

Aspect Ratios

Wink app lets users choose the dimensions that will best fit for their video depending on where the video is intended to be put. These usually include the 16:9 for YouTube or television, the 1:1 for Instagram posts, and the 9:16 for vertical videos on TikTok or Instagram Stories. It makes the video look good across different devices and the viewer’s engagement at its peak.

3D Body Reshape

The 3D Body Reshape is a feature of Wink Video Retouching Tool APK that users can play around with while they adjust their body dimensions in a video. This allows one to increase or decrease the body shape with the flexibility of editing to a more wanted aesthetic appearance, and at the same time, it makes it useful to personalize and style video content in accordance with user preferences.

Best Tips for Wink APK

Start Simple: If you’re new to this application, start by fixing the basics. After you’ve become familiar, move on to the more advanced features of the Wink Video Product Enhancing Tool.

Backup Your Content: Remember to keep duplicate copies of your original videos because photo losses can happen. Data preservation ensures that you will have a choice even if some changes go wrong.

Plan your edits: Start with a storyboard or plan before jumping into editing, this will facilitate a smooth flow and prevent too much editing.

Short and sweet: Wink is used to edit together short videos so don’t go overboard with the length. Try to keep your clips sharp and impactful.

Experiment with filters and effects: The application offers numerous filters and effects. Through the process of experimentation, you’ll find what fits well with your video’s tone. Yet they should be used sparingly for not to throw the viewers out of the experience.

Music matters: Music always makes the movie great. Decide on the music choice which is consistent with the video’s theme and atmosphere.

Explore Multiple Faces Retouching: The art of multiple-face retouching should not be overlooked. This feature is ideal for group photos or large events, ensuring that everyone looks their best regardless of where they are.

Preview Regularly: Make sure to preview the changes before implementing them. This feature shows you how the changes affect the overall appearance.

Utilize Filters: Pick the filters that are going to help you make your video clips look in a specific way. There are different filters such as the vintage, cinematic, and other types of filters.

Save Presets: If a style or look on which you have something, save it as a preset. That way you’ll be able to use the same style on every video that you create.

Keep the App Updated: In order to enjoy the capabilities of your Android device’s latest features and upgrades, make sure you frequently check for updates in the Google Play Store.

Experiment and Play: The beauty of Wink hidden in its versatile features and quality. Accordingly, try different tools, effects, and combinations until you find yourself choosing the one that hits the spot.

Export settings: Make sure that you are careful with the export settings, especially the resolution and frame rate, so that when you share the video on the platform where it will be viewed by the audience, the video is outstanding.

How to Change Videos into Animations?

Users are able to turn their videos into cartoons through the app Wink by applying a wide range of anime-style effects available under the “AI Anime” section of the app’s special effects menu. This feature will enable one to apply different artistic filters that simulate the appearance of anime, from changes in the eyes, hairstyles, and even complete video changes that will make them appear like hand-drawn animations.

AI Avatar

To convert videos into animations with anime-style effects in the app called Wink, go through the steps.

  • Open the Wink app: Open the Wink app on your gadget.
  • Import your video: This is the part where you are going to import or select the video you want to be made into an anime style animation.
  • Special Effect Access: Navigate to the “AI Anime” section in the special effects special effects menu of the app. You will find special effects like the model face, wink, idol, manga, and many others in an anime theme.
  • Apply Anime Eyes Filter: First, apply the filter “Anime Eyes” to get typical big and expressive anime eyes. Change the orientation and size of the eyes accordingly.
  • Choose Anime Hair Effect: If you want the typical characteristic anime-colored spiky hair, just click on the effect “Anime Hair.” You will be able to select from the wide range of wild hair color and style options to make your character look like they just stepped out of an anime.
  • Use Full Anime Filter: For the whole transformation, you can apply the “Full Anime” filter. This filter would apply hand-drawn animations to the whole video, giving it an outlook just as that of traditional Japanese cartoons.
  • Add Anime Twinkle: Apply the ‘Anime Twinkle’ effect to make your animation sparkle and shine. Set from different styles of sparkle to increase the magical anime feel.
  • Edit and Customize: From there, they can further adjust, fine-tune these effects to better fit their video content, and their artistic vision.
  • Save and Export: When you are happy with the transformed video, save or export to your device directly from the app. By using these tools, you can creatively turn your videos into engaging anime-style animations using the Wink app’s specialized features.

System Requirements for Wink MOD APK

ProcessorQuad-core, 1.2GHz or faster
Android OSAndroid 6.0 or higher
Storage150 MB
RAM2GB or Higher
PermissionsCamera, Microphone, Location, Wi-Fi, Gallery, Phone Storage
Download and Install Wink MOD APK

Wink Video Retouching Tool MOD APK – How to Get It?

earching for a genuine Wink editor APK for Android can be difficult due to the existence of numerous sites that host fake versions. But don’t worry, we tested this Wink Pro app for Android and it works with all VIP unlocked features without using a VPN! If you want to download, simply click the icon DOWNLOAD.

Here are the steps to download Wink VIP Unlocked APK on your android device:

  • Start with downloading the App from the download button given on
  • Go to File Manager and look for the Wink Latest Mod APK you downloaded. It may be in the Download Folder.
  • Pressing the APK file will begin the installation process.
  • Go to “Settings,” and enable “Unknown Sources” for installation. However, it will not compromise your security or privacy. Needless to say, if you download Apk from outside, you must allow this action.
  • When prompted, select ‘Install’ to continue with the installation process. It will not take longer than 30 seconds.
  • Please wait a few seconds until everything is finished!

Crazy, you can use the Wink with all of the premium attributes experience, with no limitations on the restricted features.


  • Easy to use for beginners
  • AI Enhancer color and art
  • Photo and video retouching
  • 3D selfie and GIF maker
  • Creative effects and filters


  • Some features restricted in free version
  • Requires account login

What’s New

  • Portrait enhancer
  • Advanced Skin Tone adjustment
  • AI-powered Wrinkle Reduction
  • Eye Enhancement:
  • Light and Color Correction
  • AI Noise Reduction
  • Pre-made video templates
  • Night scene enhancement 
  • Variety of filters and effects
  • Export photo up to 4K Quality

Comparison Table of Wink and Wink MOD APK

FeaturesWinkWink MOD APK
No Watermark
Ad Free
High Resolution Export
Unlimited Effects
Unlimited Filters
Extensive Music Library
Advanced Tools

Why Use Latest Wink Mod Apk Video Editor

So, download the latest Wink MOD APK Video Retouching Tool to get advanced editing features without cost. In this version, premium tools are unlocked, which you can use for advanced effects and professional-grade enhancements. Make your wonderful quality videos easily with this app.


So, in this article, we have discussed in detail many aspects of the Wink MOD APK—features, Mod enhancements, and detailed steps on how to download this amazing app. Wink MOD APK, for that matter, has a variety of options for editing in their menu; this really makes a stand, as a person can edit their pictures and videos quite differently. Additionally, the app offers advanced adjustments, such as brightness, color, and shade of the tile. Beside this, it includes the all-new AI Art Module, which means a very creative and different kind of improvement is possible with this app.

Wink MOD APK competes with the features offered by professional software such as Adobe After Effects. It would make the video appealing by brightening the colors and smoothening transitions, hence giving a big boost to audience engagement. We keep updating you on the latest release of Wink VIP MOD APK for all types of Android devices. If you want to explore or go back to prior functionalities, the Wink MOD APK old versions are available to find options that meet your specific needs.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Meitu Ltd. owns the Wink app and is well-known for creating a variety of editing tools.

You can be sure that your data will not be shared with anyone because the Wink app never does.

It works with Android versions 6.0 and higher. You should ensure that the device meets the minimum requirements for functioning properly.

No, the anime effect is only available in the premium or MOD version for free. The standard app requires payment for each video.

You need the internet to download the mod version, and some features require the internet to apply their effects.