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Wink Video Retouching Tool For MAC 2024 v1.1.70 [Premium Editor]

In today’s digital media landscape, the demand for such high-quality video products is growing. Whether you are a content creator, a professional influencer, or simply enjoy taking videos, knowing how to use powerful video editing tools is essential. Stepping up to Wink for Mac, a game-changing video enhancement software designed to elevate your video content to new heights.

App NameWink 
Latest Versionv1.7.6.6
Last Updated1 Day Ago
PublisherMeitu (China) Limited. 
CategoryVideo Editors
RequiresiOS 12 Or Later
Size84 MB

Wink Video Retouching Tool For MAC

Have you ever wanted to use Wink’s incredible retouching features on your Mac? Even though Wink does not currently have an app designed specifically for Mac computers, there is a workaround using Android emulators. This article discusses how to use Wink on your Mac using an emulator, answers the most frequently asked questions, and helps you decide whether Wink is right for you.

Wink Video Retouching Tool For MAC is a versatile software that can be used by Mac users to create professional videos. It includes a variety of interesting features that can assist you in creating visually appealing videos. Wink, developed by Meitu, has an easy-to-use interface and powerful tools that provide the editing capabilities that today’s content producers require.

Significant Features

Intuitive Interface

Photo & Video Editor
Wink Auto Beauty

Video Enhancement Tools

Filters and Effects

Wink Color Enhancne

Advance Editing Capabilities

Text and Graphics Overlays

Wink AI Anime
Multiple Features

Audio Enhancement

Export Options

Wink AI Expansion

MOD Features

Advanced Editing Tools

The Advanced Editing Tools, which the Wink app has many of, are things like multi-track editing, precise color grading, and speed control—all of which are said to be features that can only be found in professional apps. This enables detailed personalization and fine-tuning of the videos to deliver quality cinematic results within the app.

Watermark Removal

The Wink app has a watermark removal feature that can be used to get rid of any watermarks or logos that may be present in the videos, so that the output comes out clean and without any branding. The tool works great either to make a video look more professional or to prepare it to be handed out for commercial use since it would allow presentation without branding.

No Ads

Wink’s No Ads feature offers users an even smoother time using the app without interferences. This is on top of the enhancement to be able to give the user peace in creating and editing their videos without distractions, hence making it fast and fun.

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Why Choose Wink for Mac?

Professional-Quality Results: Wink’s built-in powerful features enable high-quality results with speed and ease, as opposed to lower costs and less technical experience required when using traditional programmes.

Time-Saving Features: Wink users find shortcuts in video editing because the software has a clean interface and a quick and easy workflow, both of which contribute to increased creativity.

Affordability and Accessibility: In comparison to the video editing applications that are sold in the market, Wink Video Retouching Tool For MAC is seen as quite a low price as it is very easy to understand and this is why it is the best option for both amateur enthusiasts and professional filmmakers as well.

Regular Updates and Support: As an illustration of its devotion to the client’s satisfaction, the Wink’s development group does not stop at releasing updates and immediate assistance. Thus, the clients access the most recent features and even get help when necessary.

Download and Install Wink App On MacBook

For those with a MacBook, to use the Wink app, you are to install an Android emulator because the Wink app is majorly designed for Android devices. One of the emulators popular to many users is the BlueStacks, which runs Android applications in macOS. Below is a brief guide on how to download and install the Wink app on your Macbook using Bluestacks.

The following are steps to follow when installing the Wink App on MacBook using BlueStacks:

  • Visit the official BlueStacks website. Click on the ‘Download BlueStacks’ button.
  • Choose the version compatible with macOS and start the download.
  • Once the download is complete, open the BlueStacks installer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the emulator on your MacBook.
  • Launch BlueStacks after installation.
  • Complete the initial setup process, including signing in to your Google account, which is necessary for accessing the Google Play Store.
  • Open the Google Play Store in BlueStacks.
  • Search for the “Wink app” using the search bar.
  • Find the Wink app from the search results and click on ‘Install’.

This method leverages BlueStacks to simulate an Android environment, allowing you to use the Wink app and its features on your MacBook.


In conclusion, Wink Video Retouching Tool For MAC is a stunning video enhancing tool that gives users ultra creative freedom to elevate their video content to the next level. Emphasizing its user-friendly environment, strong editing tools and newest functions, Wink is a new benchmark in modern video editing applications. You could be a content creator, social media influencer, or just a hobbyist, but Wink is the device that makes all your dreams happen.

So why wait? Sample the Wink app for Mac and turn around your videos from regular to astonishing simply by a few clicks. You can also download and install Wink Video Retouching Tool For IOS.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is compatible with all video file formats and can import videos from various sources of video content.

Absolutely! Wink makes it simple to add your own music files to video productions, allowing you to personalize your work with your favorite tracks. 

Definitely! Wink’s intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it accessible to users of all skill levels, including beginners. Because of its simple tools and capabilities, even a complete beginner in the field can quickly grasp the fundamentals and begin editing amazing videos.

However, getting the song from reputable sources may be safer. On the other hand, use emulators from well-known developers with a proven track record of security.

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