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Wink Video Retouching Tool For PC – Pro Editor for Windows

In a day and age where content creation and visual media have taken center stage, the Wink Video Retouching Tool for PC answers to a big need for the market: the availability of quality video editing software that is accessible and rich in features. From content creators to marketers and even the average user who wants to perfect their films, a PC app has a lot more to offer in terms of screen real estate, processing power, and precise editing using mouse and keyboard inputs. Moving from mobile to PC, it opens up a world of opportunities for greater detail and control during the editing process, which, frankly speaking, is invaluable for producing professional-quality videos.

Wink MOD APK is recognized for AI-powered editing effects that unleash professional-level effects in a friendly mobile app, which is rising in popularity. This guide seeks to outline different ways in which users can tap into its powerful features while using a Windows PC, download, and install Wink for Windows 10, Windows 11, and on other versions using emulators.

App NameWink 
Latest Versionv1.7.6.6
Last Updated1 Day Ago
PublisherMeitu (China) Limited. 
CategoryVideo Editors
Size84 MB

Wink Video Retouching Tool for Pc

Wink Retouching tool is no longer a mobile-only app; it is now available for the PC. You may be asking, question number one, “Why will I create Wink videos on a computer and not on a mobile?” Because it gives a bigger view and a lot of power and strength.

But still, up to this moment, the famous Wink mobile video editing app focused on beautification tools has not yet equipped itself with a desktop with a PC version that will enable the retouching of images and video. Though there might be a way out with emulators of the Android system that can run on your PC. This way, you will be able to download and run the Wink app on your computer and maybe even use some of the retouching tools present in the application. In case you are a Mac user and you would like to install the application, here is How to Download and Install the Wink MOD APK on Mac.

Wink Retouching Tool Basic Features

Ultimate Photo & Video Editor

Photo & Video Editor
Video Retouch

Face and Video Retouching

Add Unique Templates

AI Subtitle

Add Stickers and Text

Make 3D photos and GIFs

3D Photo & GIF Maker

Features of Wink MOD APK

Some features are disabled in the free version and cannot be accessed without a premium membership. However, a MOD version of the Wink app will be available, allowing users to use all premium features without requiring a premium subscription.

All Premium Features Unlocked

The free version of the Wink app provides access to all editing tools that can help you work more efficiently. Premium features, on the other hand, are not available in the free version unless you purchase a subscription plan. The pro app has advanced features that will help you improve your photos and videos.

Don’t worry about the premium features; they’re all free and unlimited in this mod version. You have unrestricted access to all benefits without spending a single penny. Use all high-end tools to improve the quality of your photos and videos.


Another major issue is the watermark, which appears on each image used in the free version. When free version photos and videos are exported, a company name logo appears. People do not share photos and videos with watermarks because they are not interested in such products.

Furthermore, the free version does not allow you to remove the watermark, which requires a premium subscription. Please consider purchasing a large part in the free version because we offer a watermark-free mod version. This mod does not have a watermark, and you can remove it.

Without Ads

The ads are the only reason why people leave the Wink app. Ads appear during editing, which slows down the process. Users have difficulty changing photos and videos because advertisements are difficult to watch.

You want to remove ads from the free version of your app, but the user will be unable to do so without a premium subscription. However, the alternative version of the Wink app is ad-free and contains no advertisements. The modified version has no restrictions and allows you to edit photos and videos without the interruption of advertisements.

Install Wink Editing App using BlueStacks 

Installing the Wink Video Retouching tool for PC using BlueStacks, an Android emulator, involves a few straightforward steps. Here’s how to do it:

  • Visit the BlueStacks website and download the installer for your operating system.
  • Run the downloaded file to install BlueStacks on your PC. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Once installed, open BlueStacks. You may need to sign in with your Google account to access the Google Play Store within BlueStacks.
  • On the BlueStacks home screen, find and click on the Google Play Store icon. This will open the Play Store, just like it would on an Android device.
  • In the Google Play Store, use the search bar at the top to search for “Wink Editing App”.
  • From the search results, find the Wink Editing App and click on it. Then, click the “Install” button to begin the installation process. Wait for the app to download and install.
  • Once installed, you can find the Wink Editing App within the “My Apps” tab in BlueStacks or on the BlueStacks home screen. Click on the app icon to open and start using it.

With these steps, you can enjoy using the Wink Video Retouching tool for PC, taking advantage of the larger screen and more powerful hardware for video editing tasks.

Install Wink Video Retouching Tool for Windows 11

Here is a simple procedure one should use to install the Wink Video Retouching Tool for PC using LDPlayer, an Android emulator designed for gaming and apps:

  • Visit the LDPlayer website and download the latest version of the emulator suitable for your PC.
  • Install LDPlayer by running the installer file and following the on-screen guide to complete the installation.
  • Open LDPlayer after installation. You might need to complete some initial setup steps, like logging in with a Google account to access the Google Play Store.
  • Click the Google Play Store icon from within LDPlayer to open the Play Store app, just like it would on an Android device.
  • Use the search bar in the Google Play Store to find “Wink Video Retouching Tool”.
  • Click on the Wink Video Retouching Tool app from the search results and hit the “Install” button. Wait for the app to download and install onto the LDPlayer emulator.

Following these steps, you will successfully install and run the Wink Video Retouching Tool on your PC via LDPlayer, allowing you to enjoy enhanced video editing on a larger screen with better hardware performance than a mobile device.

Install Wink App PC for Windows 10

Installing the Wink Video Retouching Tool software on the PC is a rather simple process that involves a series of basic steps. Here’s how it goes:

  • Install NoxPlayer on your PC by running the downloaded installer file and following the installation prompts.
  • Once installed, open NoxPlayer. Likely, the app will need one to follow some initial setup procedures, such as agreeing to the app’s terms and logging into a Google account, for one to be able to access Google Play services.
  • Look for the Google Play Store icon on the main screen in NoxPlayer and click on it. Doing so will evoke Google’s Play Store exactly as you would do on an Android device.
  • Search for “Wink Video Retouching Tool” through the search bar of the Google Play Store.
  • Upon finding the Wink Video Retouching Tool from the search results, click on it. Once done, tap the “Install” button within the page of the application. Wait for the application to download and install, up to the point of opening, on the NoxPlayer.
  • The Wink Video Retouching Tool is now installed on NoxPlayer. Open the home screen or the app drawer. Click on the app icon, and start using it.

This way, you will have installed and started using the Wink Video Retouching Tool on your PC through NoxPlayer. Take control of better features and editing efficiency with the bigger display offered by a PC.

Install Wink App PC for Windows 7

It’s so easy to install the Wink Video Retouching Tool onto your PC using MEmu Play, a performance- and compatibility-based Android emulator. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Visit the MEmu Play website and download the emulator version for your OS.
  • After the download has finished, run the downloaded installer and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation of MEmu Play on your PC.
  • Open MEmu Play after installing it. Some basic configurations may be needed, like logging into one of the Google accounts. This step is mandatory for one to have access to the Google Play Store and enjoy its services.
  • Open the Play Store by locating and clicking on the Google Play Store icon from the MEmu Play home screen. Launching the Play Store should make it look like that on any Android device.
  • To search for the Wink application, go to the Google Play Store search bar and click on it.
  • Choose the Wink Video Retouching Tool from the search results and click on the “Install” button. The app will begin downloading and be installed in your MEmu Play emulator.

Here, I have taken you through the steps that will enable you to download and install the Wink Video Retouching Tool for PC via MEmu Play, hence enabling you to enjoy using the software on your PC with the added benefits arising from using the PC, such as a bigger screen and better hardware performance.

How to Install Wink Video App for PC without Using Emulator

This dual boot feature is best in the way that if you want to use the latest Wink Video Retouching Tool for PC without using an emulator, we will explain every simple step to you and help you make that step happen. This process was made super easy undoubtedly by Remix OS, which boots into an Android OS and uses all the resources.

Remix OS using Dual App Step-by-Step Guide

  • First of all, download an Android OS image file, such as Remix OS. This is equivalent to installing the entire Android operating system.
  • Next, you will download the image file from Remix OS and then transfer it onto the USB drive using a program like Rufus.
  • Otherwise, if you want to power on the computer system, you will be directed to the Boot Menu with any Function key upon powering on the computer, for instance, F2, F12, or others.
  • The boot menu allows you to choose the USB flash drive to boot from, rather than the original hard drive associated with Windows.
  • The USB takes charge and acts as an operating system (OS), so that you’ll not need the Windows software. When the boot process completes, you will find yourself ushered into the Android world.
  • You can now go to the Play Store from your desktop in Android and download the Wink video retouching tool for PC just as you would if you were on a mobile device. Put it up as usual, and you’re good to go!
  • The dual-booting module enables the running of Wink in its full Android operating system, obviating the need for an emulator.
  • Another minor but vital inconvenience is that to open Wink, you need to access the Android boot option. Yes, it’s a bit more work to get it running, but you might be quicker than with emulated games.

Note: Not to worry about all of the data; only your hard drive needs to be converted from Windows OS to Android OS so that you can use Android apps on your desktop.

System Requirements for Wink Editing App PC

Wink video editor is not the powerful video editor you may be familiar to. Only the above-mentioned criteria must be met when installing a different operating system than the one already installed on a laptop.

OSWindows 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
ProcessorIntel Core i3 or higher level
StorageAlmost 10 GB
GraphicsAMD Radeon or Nvidia
Resolution720P Display
Architecturex86 or x64


We have shown you how to easily install the Wink retouching tool on your computer in the least time-consuming ways. In order to use the Wink editing app at its full potential, don’t shy away from upgrading to a PC with better display and performance. Trust me; it is once you get used to a smooth 4K export, easy retouching, and learning to use new filters that improve the quality of your video using AI specifically on your Windows laptop. This is when it all begins.

No matter what you bring—be it a vlog, short video, or a reel—the best films will come out on the monitor screen of your computer. This may be very important in ensuring that the quality of such videos is improved, especially to the viewers who value that provision of the high-quality movie videos by the organization, through the use of tools such as wink video retouching tool for PC. With this application, you can polish and refine your videos right on your PC. The built-in resource is an irreplaceable help for any creator who would like to surprise his audience not only with content but also with high-quality visual and stylistic effects.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, the base set of tools and workflow remain the same; however, the interface has been optimized for larger displays and faster performance.

The best options are Android emulators such as BlueStacks, Nox Player, LDPlayer, and MeMU, which are dependent on your system requirements.

To use emulators for the Wink video editing app, you’ll need to install Windows 7 or higher, have 4GB of RAM or more, an Intel i3 or equivalent CPU, and 10GB of free space.

Yes, you are free to use whatever media files you already have on your computer to create your own Wink projects. Perhaps you could write the video script ahead of time.

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